During the outbreak, we are serving a reduced menu.
Go to our temporary menu page for items offered at this time.


Hot Espresso BarSingle DoubleTriple
Shot in the Dark2.753.00 3.51
Café Latte 3.00 3.504.00
Café Mocha3.504.00 4.50
Baristas Favorite Latte 3.654.45 4.75
Simple Flavored Latte3.51 4.02 4.53
Café Au Lait 2.26 2.52 2.77
Café Vienna 3.60 4.25 4.53
Café Afagato3.60 4.254.53
Espresso1.94 2.35 2.96
Italian Machiato2.13 2.252.77
Café Americano2.50 3.003.50
Chai Tea Latte 3.25 3.95 4.25
Hot Tea2.26 2.52 2.98
Hot Chocolate or Steamer2.41 2.96 3.40
Brewed Coffee To-Go (No Refills)2.25 2.252.75
Bottomless Brewed Coffee2.77
Iced & Blended Favorites RegularLarge
Iced Coffee 16 ounce size 2.75 Specialty Iced
Specialty Iced Latte 4.60
Iced Mocha 4.30
Iced Latte4.25
Iced Chai Latte 4.60
Blended Espresso or Chai Frappe 4.25
Espresso or Chai Shake4.80
Green Tea Smoothie 4.25
Glass of Juice 2.95
Glass of Milk 2.10
Italian or French Soda2.95
Soft Drinks single serve only 1.90 Bottled
Water 1.75 Perrier single serve only2.25 Large
Pellegrino 6.50
Brewed Iced Tea 2.95

Free refills on In-House orders only


  • Add an extra shot of espresso for 60¢
  • Add a flavor shot for 50¢
  • Change it up by requesting Half & Half, Almond Milk or Soy for 75¢
  • Baristas Favorite Flavor Combinations Try in a latte, frappe or soda!
  • Caramel Kiss vanilla & caramel Milky Way chocolate & caramel Wurtle praline, caramel & chocolate Sinner cinnamon, vanilla & white chocolate The Dude Kahlua & vanilla The Executive amaretto, Kahlua & vanilla Sherlock Holmes butterscotch & toffee Harley Quinn pomegranate, white & milk chocolates Dark Side blackberry, cocoa mocha
Breakfast Favorites served all day

Loaded Croissant Sandwich egg & American cheese 4.25 Add meat or veggies +1.00

Basic Breakfast Panini egg, pesto & your choice of meat & cheese 6.97 Add two veggies + 1.00

Toasted Bagel with cream cheese or butter 2.96

Toasted Bagel with butter, cinnamon & sugar 2.96

Lunch & Dinner Favorites

Gourmet Artisan Pizza 11.95

Choose one cheese, one meat and one veggie. Add a topping +1.00

Mixed Salad       Small 5.95           Large 7.95

Organic mixed greens, roma tomato, artichoke hearts, black olives, parmesan, chopped walnuts & almonds. Served with flatbread & honey balsamic dressing

Ensalata de Caprese  Small 6.00 Large 8.50

Fresh mozzarella, roma tomato, pesto, balsamic & olive oil. Served with toasted flatbread

Three Cheese Plate    14.97 Three delicious cheeses, salami, olives, artichoke hearts, fresh & dried fruit, roasted almonds & walnuts. Served with toasted flatbread.

Small Cheese Plate    9.95 Choose one of three delicious cheeses. Served with salami, olives, artichoke hearts, fresh & dried fruit, roasted almonds, walnuts & toasted flatbread.

Garlic Hummus Served with toasted flatbread.        6.00

Spinach Artichoke Dip Served with toasted flatbread. 6.00

Garden Fresh Bagel   4.25 Toasted bagel served with cream cheese, fresh roma tomato & pesto

Grilled Panini Sandwiches While Sandwich served with chips & pickle garnish 9.95

Half Sandwich served with chips & pickle garnish 6.95

Half Panini & Side Salad served with pickle garnish 8.95

Garden: pesto, mozzarella, bell peppers & zucchini

Caprese: pesto, balsamic vinaigrette, olive oil, roma tomato & mozzarella

Three Meat: pesto, provolone, roma tomato, salami, prosciutto & turkey

Salami & Artichoke: pesto, provolone, salami & artichoke

Prosciutto & Mozzarella: pesto, roma tomato, prosciutto & mozzarella

Turkey & Parmesan: pesto, parmesan, bell peppers & turkey

Deli Sandwiches served with chips & pickle garnish

Chicken Salad served on a croissant or wheat bread      6.95

Turkey with lettuce & tomato. Served on a croissant or wheat bread 6.95

Roast Beef with lettuce & tomato. Served on a croissant or wheat bread 6.95

BLT bacon, lettuce & tomato. Served on a croissant or wheat bread          5.95

Grilled Cheese classic grilled cheese on wheat bread                        5.95

Add a topping Customize your sandwich by adding your favorite               +1.25

Pizza & Sandwich Toppings subject to availability

Cheese: American, Cheddar, Parmesan, Provolone, Mozzarella & Feta

Meat: Bacon, Sausage, Prosciutto, Salami, Roasted Chicken Breast & Sliced Turkey

Veggies: Roasted Bell Peppers, Marinated Zucchini, Black Olives, Fresh Roma Tomatoes & Artichoke Hearts

Beers and Wines
Michelangelo’s Specialty Wine Margarita 7.0025.00
Champagne Mimosa7.00 25.00
Blended Peach Bellini 7.00 25.00
Red Wine (selected varieties available) 6.00 25.00 / 38.00
Chilled White Wine selected varieties available 6.00 25.00
Guinness Beer or Stella Beer 4.75
Pacifico, Corona, Modello, Peroni, Sam Adams or Sierra Nevada4.00
Lost Lake Lager3.00

  *Prices listed do not include tax. Alcoholic beverages are subject to a higher tax, per Oklahoma State Law.

Grab & Go Favorites

Croissant baked fresh daily    3.00

Muffins selected varieties       2.77

Cinnamon Roll                         3.00

Bicotti                                         1.76

Bag of Chips                              1.00

Tasty Treats

Slice of Cake                                                 4.97

Fine Chocolates sold by weight or piece

Handmade Truffles                                    2.75

Cookies                                                         2.96

Brownie or Lemon Bar                              2.96 Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a special treat! +1.00

Gelato                                                           3.88